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Validation Summary

The Sentinel-5p TROPOMI L2_NO2 data (tropospheric, stratospheric, and total NO2 column) are in good overall agreement with correlative ground-based measurements (NDACC MAX-DOAS, NDACC ZSL-DOAS, and PGN direct-sun DOAS) and with the OMI QA4ECV NO2 satellite data.  Bias estimates meet the mission requirements of <50% for tropospheric NO2 and <10% for stratospheric NO2. For stratospheric NO2, the dispersion estimate meets the mission requirement of <0.5 Pmolec/cm2. For tropospheric Pmolec/cm2 the dispersion estimate exceeds the mission requirement of <0.7 Pmolec/cm2, which can however be attributed partly to comparison errors (irreducible co-location mismatch, and smoothing differences).


Product ID Stream Product Bias Dispersion Special features
 L2_NO2 NRTI NO2 troposphere -37% 2.6 Pmolec/cm2 Bias and dispersion by column amount:
Troposphere [<2 Pmolec/cm²] +13 % and
[>15 Pmolec/cm²] -40 %. Total [+/-6
Pmolec/cm²]: +6 % / -18 %.
NO2 stratosphere -3% 0.3 Pmolec/cm2
NO2 total 0±50% -
NO2 troposphere -28% 3.1 Pmolec/cm2
NO2 stratosphere -3% 0.3 Pmolec/cm2
NO2 total -7% 1.6 Pmolec/cm2


Below is an overview of the processor versions for the NRTI, OFFL and RPRO streams.


Product ID  Stream  Version Orbits
L2_NO2        NRTI 02.06.00 31751-current version
02.05.00 28078-31750
02.04.00  24697-28074
02.06.00 31705-current version
02.05.00 28030-31704
02.04.00 24655-28029
RPRO 02.04.00 2818-24654

A detailed description of the method and a comprehensive discussion of validation results can be found in the Sentinel-5p Quarterly Validation Report #22: April 2018 - February 2024


Latest Quarterly Validation Report Product info  Current Processor Version
 #22: April 2018 - February 2024  See