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Daily global maps

The S5P MPC VDAF creates daily global maps of the six partial columns provided in the ozone profile product, together with the integrated total column. The latter is compared with the daily global map of the TROPOMI total column retrieval to assess their mutual consistency. Daily global maps easily allow identifying data gaps, retrieval artefacts, along-orbit striping, and other large-scale features that are not typically detected through comparison with respect to point-like ground-based data. The figure below contains daily global maps for the six partial columns in the S5P L2_O3_PR OFFL v02.03.01 ozone profile product of November 23, 2021, with colour scales going from 0 to 150 DU. The two lower plots show total ozone column values obtained by integration of the TROPOMI L2_O3_PR profile data (left) and the map of TROPOMI L2_O3 total ozone column values for the same day (right) to check for their mutual consistency, with colour scales going from 0 to 550 DU.


subcolumns OFFL 2022 04 29