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Validation Method

Sentinel-5p TROPOMI ozone column data are compared to correlative ground-based measurements collected from several monitoring networks contributing to WMO's Global Atmosphere Watch: direct-Sun observations from Brewer and Dobson UV spectrophotometers, and zenith-sky observations from NDACC DOAS UV-Visible spectrometers (ZSL-DOAS).

Co-locations between TROPOMI and direct-Sun measurements are defined as “pixel contains station”, with a maximum time difference of 3 hours. Note that direct-sun measurements obtained through the NDACC and WOUDC data archives are usually daily means of the individual measurements.

To reduce co-location mismatch errors due to the significant difference in horizontal smoothing between TROPOMI and ZSL-DOAS measurements, TROPOMI ozone column values (from afternoon ground pixels at high resolution) are averaged over the footprint of the larger air mass to which the ground-based twilight zenith-sky measurement is sensitive. For more details about the validation methodology, read Lambert et al. (1997, 1999), Balis et al. (2007), Koukouli et al. (2015), Verhoelst et al. (2015), and Garane et al. (2019).

TROPOMI ozone column data processed with the NRTI and OFFL processors are regularly intercompared.

TROPOMI ozone column data are also compared to alternative retrievals, and to corresponding satellite data from the MetOp-B GOME-2, Aura OMI, and Suomi-NPP OMPS-nadir satellite instruments.



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