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Validation Summary

The Sentinel-5p TROPOMI L2_O3_TCL data (CCD) are in good overall agreement with correlative ground-based measurements (SHADOZ ozonesonde) and with EOS-Aura OMI, Metop-B GOME-2 and Metop-C GOME-2 satellite data. Bias and dispersion estimates meet mission requirements (<25 %).

Product IDStreamProductVersionOrbitsBiasDispersionSpecial features
L2_O3_TCL OFFL/RPRO CCD 02.04.01
2867-current +19 %
+3.7 DU
25 %
4.6 DU
  • Seasonal change of the bias at 6 sites, for Atlantic sites coinciding with biomass burning season.
  • Geographical imprints of sampling-related biases.
  • Dispersion includes considerable contribution from co-location mismatch.


The graphs below display the latest estimates of TROPOMI tropospheric O3 column data quality obtained from comparisons to ozonesonde. Shown are the median value (left) and the dispersion (right, 68% interpercentile) of the absolute difference TROPOMI minus ozonesonde, at each SHADOZ site (marker) in the 20o S - 20o N tropical belt. The blue line and light blue shade indicate the mean value and the standard deviation of the sample of station estimates for the SHADOZ network.

A detailed description of the method and a comprehensive discussion of validation results can be found in the Quarterly Validation Report #22: April 2018 - February 2024.

TROPOMI vs SHADOZ ozonesonde