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Validation Summary

The Sentinel-5p TROPOMI L2 CH4 data product (dry air averaged methane column) is in good overall agreement with correlative ground-based measurements from NDACC and TCCON. Bias and dispersion estimates (see Table below) meet mission requirements.

Product ID Stream Product Bias Dispersion Special features
 L2_CH4 RPRO/OFFL xCH4 +0.3% 0.7% Along orbit stripes. Underestimation at low albedo. Remaining outliers with qa_value >0.5.
Outlying CH4 values observed along coastal or mountain regions, e.g. in Greenland.


The averaged correlation coefficient is 0.65 for the TCCON network

Mosaic CH4 NDACC

 Mosaic CH4 TCCON

Plots show the weekly mean relative differences for the S5P RPRO/OFFL xCH4 columns against TCCON (top) and NDACC (bottom) sites. Sites are sorted by decreasing latitude.

For more information please consult the latest issue of the Sentinel-5p Routine Operations Consolidated Validation Report (ROCVR).


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#22: April 2018 - February 2024 See